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Lake Havasu Fishing for Smallmouth Bass
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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lake Havasu

Fishing Smallmouth Bass Lake Havasu Lake Havasu has a good population of smallmouth bass that are very healthy. Smallmouth can be caught fishing rocky points, shorelines, or canyons area. Early mornings and late in the afternoon is when they bite best. Fish using lighter gear, it will give your lures a better presentation.

Start off fishing early morning with topwaters, lipless crankbaits, or white crappie jigs. Later in the morning go with crankbaits or try plastics or creature baits. Creature baits in crawdad (pumpkin seed) colors, and white Rat-L-Traps have worked well in the past. Switch back to topwaters and lipless crankbaits in the late afternoon.

Since smallmouth fishing is done mostly with lures, try using lighter line. A medium action bass rod with 6-8 lb line makes casting and retrieving smooth and effortless. It will also give you the sensitivity you need to feel a very subtle bite, which sometimes is the key to catching smallmouth and largemouth.