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Near World Record Redear Caught
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Redear Sunfish

Well known western angler Mike Phua was on Lake Havasu practicing for a bass fishing tournament but nearly caught a world record in the process. The massive redear sunfish he's holding in the picture weighed 5.4 pounds when they finally got it to certified scales. The weight at the time of catch would have bested the current world record for Red Ear sunfish at 5.5 pounds, also caught from Lake Havasu, but by the time they got it certified, it was down a few ounces.

It's still a pretty cool catch. Even cooler was Shaun Bailey, another well-known west coast stick and big bass expert was practicing on Havasu as well and he caught a 4-pound redear that same day. Lake Havasu might now be considered the redear capital of the world!