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Lake Havasu Fishing for Largemouth Bass
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Largemouth Bass Fishing Lake Havasu

Fishing Lake Havasu Largemouth BassThere are many different techniques and opinions on how to fish for largemouth bass. Bass fishing is almost always done using artificial lures. There are a wide range of different lures for different types of situations. In the early morning hours I like to use topwater lures, buzzbaits, or spinnerbaits. Later in the morning the bass usually move to find cover. In these situations a jig works well but if you want to fish deeper water I would go with a crankbait or swimbait. Later in the day soft plastics like worms, craws, and creature baits will work the best.

I would go with a medium action bass rod and a baitcasting or spinning reel with 6-8 lb. line. The bass in Lake Havasu are not the big ones they find in California where they have a steady diet of trout so this should be more than enough to handle the job.

As for locating the bass they can usually be found around any structure such as submerged vegetation, boat docks, or fish habitat (placed by the Lake Havasu Fisheries Improvement Project). They also follow seasonal patterns which include spawning in the early spring, this is when site fishing bass off the beds can produce some of the bigger fish. Water temperature and clarity also play a crucial part in locating the fish.

The most important thing is to try different methods and techniques in different situations and see what works best for you. Once you find a pattern, which usually will take sometime, that’s when the pay-off begins.