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Lake Havasu Fishing for Striper or Striped Bass
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Striper Fishing Lake Havasu

Fishing for Striper Lake Havasu ArizonaStriper fishing in Lake Havasu can be tricky to say the least. I would start out with a good medium action bass rod and spinning or baitcasting reel equipped to handle 6-10lb line and fill it with 8lb Trilene. This should work for the majority of the striper in Lake Havasu. If you hook into a bigger fish hope you set your drag right and be ready for a long fight.

Now depending on the time of year you will either be fishing on the bottom or close to the surface. Surface fishing will involve a wide array of different types of lures. Bottom fishing will be using bait such as anchovies, mackerel, squid, shad, or bluegill.

From summer to late fall are the best times to fish for striper on the surface. If you can locate schools of shad chances are the striper will be holding underneath. Try using a throw net to catch live shad. In early morning and late afternoon the striper will usually “boil” on the shad. This is the most exciting time to fish for striper. Use your favorite topwater lure and cast where the birds are diving or where you see surface action. Some of my favorite topwater lures include; striper striker, rebel popper, zara spooks, and megabait poppers. Swimbaits and any shad imitations also work very well.

For the winter and spring your best bet for landing striper is going to be bottom fishing or “bait and wait”. When you find the spot you are going to fish cut up a whole bag of anchovies in small pieces and toss out in all directions. I would start by using about 1/8 to 1/4 ounce sinker and a red mosquito hook with about a 16 inch leader. Drop down anchovies with the head cut off and wait for the bite.