3. sekai ichi hatsukoi. Ritsu Tainaka (田井中 (たいなか) 律 (りつ),), called Ricchan (りっちゃん, Ricchan) by Tsumugi Kotobuki and Yui Hirasawa, is one of the 5 main characters in K-ON! Fans of this anime will insist that Takano is the one suffering and Ritsu is just a tsundere who can’t let go of his pride. Also, I will be getting a scanner some time so I can do these summaries and translation with higher quality photos from a scanner and not a … “Did I not ever properly introduce myself to you?” Ritsu squeaked out. So, instead Ritsu sat and said hello to Sorata, scratching under his chin. The flowers were in full bloom, painting the view a gentle shade of pink. It sucks how many yaoi mangas consider this the 'norm'. Learning to recognize triggers and manage anger symptoms is essential to dealing positively with this form of anger. The antichrist is … However, Saga was perfectly content to stay naked under his covers and watch Ritsu put on his clothes. It boggles my mind on how no one watching this series sees anything wrong with a large man forcing himself on a smaller man who obviously is very terrified and unable to defend himself against his rapist. ( Log Out /  But again, important. But this narcissistic asshole does the exact opposite and wonders why Ritsu refuses to trust him. Ritsu said after they had cut the cake and he had opened his gifts. “Fiiiiine.”. It has been a rather chaotic yet romantic relationship. “I know.” Saga assured. They broke up due to a misunderstanding and Ritsu disappearing to study abroad in England. With hundreds upon hundreds of reviews either praising the directors and actors/actresses and their storylines to shredding it to the smallest of frames, it seemed to touch the hearts of many people. But their first breakup has left Ritsu's hea Royale. Anything That Moves: During his breakdown in college. Ritsu is more or less "the one that got away" for Takano, which he deeply regrets. This resulted in Ritsu freaking out and running away. The days were getting hotter and longer, Spring turning into Summer, and these sleepovers of theirs becoming more frequent. “Not letting you go till you say it.” Saga said, leaving a few kisses on Ritsu’s hand. 'Fuck, what am I even gonna do for Saturday?’. Ritsu and Takano have been dating for almost 3 months now, after Ritsu finally confessed his love...again. Until one day, a certain (h/c), (e/c) eyed colored girl shows up at Ritsu's work. Go full Baccano on his ass! This is that story. 2:35. He acts as if Ritsu is his property, closes him off from having any friends to talk to, get all pissed if Ritsu gives affection to a much more deserving of him sweet guy/girl, forces him to have sex, tells him he’s selfish for not being his little sex slave, verbally abuses him and makes him feel worthless, refuses to let him in on HIS relationships when he actually shows some degree of interest but still acts possessive if HE is secretive. The next morning Takano reveals that he was Onodera's high school boyfriend 10 years earlier, and vows to make Onodera love him again. “Dork.”. Not that Ritsu disliked it! “I noticed you still look so…shocked whenever I tell you I love you. Ritsu consistently never consents to any of his behavior and has repeatedly expressed his discomfort with the touching. Saga soon came back down, holding something behind his back. If Ritsu truly wants to attain happiness, he better high tail it out of that relationship and as far away from that gorilla faced pervert as possible. “Because someone didn’t tell me their birthday was coming up.”. Tags. He was trying to be more open about his feelings, even if those feelings embarrassed the hell out of Ritsu. “Sit. …..Oh, there are even more symptoms than that. His hand ended up meeting another and he pulled away, looking over to see who was trying to get the same novel. Knowing that you had eyes only for me to the point where you forgot about everything else made me happy. Sorry it’s not shaded or anything,, pls excuse that! Let me just give you an example. While quite different compared to the many romance movies that were filmed, directed and shared for the general public. “There’s one more thing.” Saga said. That’s when I realized that you weren’t trying to get something. Read more information about the character Masamune Takano from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA? Takaritsu is not a good relationship. 'Damn it. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2. added by shazila. :D . “I love doing anything as long as it’s with Senpai.”. Watch it and tell me that it doesn’t ring a bell. 2020 has been a rough fucking year, reading idiots falling in love is just what I needed. “I was thinking we could go see the cherry blossom trees. Saga ignored his plea and continued the story. Listen to me. “S-S-Stop teasing me!” Ritsu was not at all used to hearing Saga say the L word yet. It hurt him that bad! He’d actually be a tolerable character and he’d still have Ritsu in his arms. “Well I couldn’t fit all of them. I’ll get the cake and presents.” Saga said after he pulled away. “Come on, let’s go.” He walked, still holding Ritsu’s hand. See more ideas about Junjou romantica, Fujoshi, Yaoi. He had no present, no cake, no way to celebrate! added by IamKyon. The two soon got to the front, Saga ordering first. “Ritsu.” Saga huffed. “T- Takano-san! Ritsu x Takano [AMV] ~ The Last Night (Original Version) Kikotsukino2011. You’re not gonna tell me you’re on the run from the cops next or anything like that, are you?”, “Of course not!” Ritsu hastily denied, not yet realizing that Saga was only teasing him. “You have to say it back first.” Saga said. It's really awkward in many, many ways. “Alright, you asked for it. ( Log Out /  Saga would still keep an eye on her, but he supposed she wasn’t the conniving boyfriend stealing witch he suspected her of being. But I feel like it’s only a matter of time before the rest of his self worth disappears. He sat back down next to Ritsu as he spoke. During his days at high school Takano stayed in the school library where he read books until the library closed because he didn't wan… ... added by IamKyon. “Y-Y-You can’t just say something like that!”. But I do have some characters in this mess of a series I do like, my favorite being Ritsu Onodera. Crap, why did he have to say such cute shit like that? #1 in takanoxritsu Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Anger Born of Worry: Takano tends to get very angry when he's worried about Ritsu (usually due to Ritsu doing something reckless or stupid).See Chapter 16 as a perfect example. “I love you, Ritsu.”, “D-D-Don’t say that when I’m already crying!”, Saga chuckled. added by Lulu_Kururugi. That would’ve been quite a story. The whisper was heavy and tinged with a soft sadness. Masamune is Ritsu's current boss, neighbor and first love in high school. G- Good morning.” Ritsu calls out to Takano whilst his on his way to a meeting (or something to do with business). Ring a bell? “See you Saturday. “That would not be funny, that would be mortifying.” Ritsu pouted. “Tomorrow’s your birthday? And my next and final point, the one I’ve been itching to discuss this whole post…….. Oooooohhh, boy! “Anyways, you obviously couldn’t stop staring at me, a habit you still can’t seem to break.”. “Why not?” Saga asked, sitting up. Is. Listen, get some help. Because I’d rather not speak of this horrid series any longer and I prefer not to stir up pointless drama with some random butt-hurt irrational fangirl. totoro. I mean it could be, but let’s think about this for a second. “B-But…Takano says he loves Ritsu- a-and he spends time with him and-”. And has also displayed aggressive physical confrontation with Takano and tends to yell quite a lot. He stopped in a bakery, getting a small strawberry cake for the two of them to share before heading home to work on his last gift. Paul F Davis. “Let’s celebrate over the weekend.”. “I like this place, it reminds me of our first d-date.” He admitted before he looked at Saga nervously. You can use left … Saga was a little dumbstruck by that, having expected some declaration of rivalry instead, so he only nodded. She was Ritsu’s friend, of course she knew when his birthday was and of course she’d be getting him a present, but something about it still bothered him. Yaoi No Sekai 2 added 32 new photos to the album: Amor en sintonía ~ Capitulo 1! Ritsu is very athletic, being good at sports and sprints; apparently he is quite a fast runner.He is also an academically accomplished student, being known on the honor roll and currently in student council. Ritsu had told Saga that An knew about them, which didn’t bother the upperclassman, but he still didn’t want to see her. :D”, Okay, don’t see the problem? “My dad’s company publishes Sumi Sensei’s novels.”, Ritsu frowned and furrowed his eyebrows a little bit. But he couldn't get the rough feeling of Takano staring down at him ever since his friends arrived. Well, ladies and gents, if you’re looking for a heart-warming story about two exes who settle their differences, talk it out, and live happily ever after then……you’re better off just sticking with series like Yuri On Ice and Ouran High School Host Club. Which one do you wanna hear first?”. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Masamune Takano 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. Ritsu continued to revise the manga drawings and its dialogue etc. As it turns out, Takano is actually Ritsu's high school love, and it is the aftermath of that heartbreak has caused Ritsu's reluctance to fall in love again. 1:57. “You’re here to shop for Richan too, aren’t you?” She had been invited to by Youko Onodera to spend the day with them and Ritsu for his birthday, but she had politely declined. Ritsu could tell his mom was getting more and more curious about this ‘friend’ Ritsu was constantly hanging out with, but he was going to avoid that line of questioning for as long as possible. Sih is my fav series, I love most of the couples in it so so much! “I’m just…so happy.” Ritsu answered honestly. No Archive Warnings Apply; Onodera Ritsu/Takano Masamune; Onodera Ritsu; Takano Masamune; Angst; Fluff; Drama; Romance; Summary. “I’ll gladly take responsibility.” Saga assured him. We can go anywhere you want, it’ll be my treat.” Saga said, the two of them entering Pandaway together. The next morning Takano reveals that he was Onodera's high school boyfriend 10 years earlier, and vows to make Onodera love him again. Such a complex emotion made by the hormone Oxytocin. After I said those…mean things to you.” Saga said. many incident happen, Ritsu realize he is still care with Takano. Now he has to struggle with focusing on his job and not falling for his ex all over again. It was just like that one night after the party where Takano simply followed him into his home, but this time Ritsu was prepared. work together and Takano is Ritsu's superior. However, after Korosensei modified her body and increased the size of her screen, her … 2. 'He reads horror but not shoujo…make it make sense.’ Saga shook his head at the thought, leaving the store after making his purchases. When Ritsu is stressed from being around Takano, he always looks for something to distract himself from him or the situation. Takano kisses him before Ritsu can try to deny it and says aloud “I’m gonna come inside once”. But to sum up, Takano never takes responsibility on what he’s done to Ritsu past or present, and continues to make Ritsu think that he is the abuser and is the heartless soul crusher who disregards his feelings when it is VERY much the other way around. There was nothing in it for you, nothing that you could possibly gain from being so nice to me. He hadn’t even known Ritsu’s actual name! “Oh, it was actually really cool! Are you telling me your name isn’t Oda Ritsu?” Saga asked. Ritsu went to tell his Senpai that he shouldn’t have gone through all that trouble, but he knew Saga would just insist that he had wanted to do this. (Seriously, though. If Takano had just smiled and responded with,”Of course I love you, silly.”, they hey! Reading romance novels, a multitude of fluffy fantasies and dreams, he just wanted someone to hold him in their arms staring at him with such a loving gaze. It made Saga want to yank him right back into bed and kiss him breathless. Day 1 - December 7th - Morning/ChangeDay 2 - December 8th - Flowers/DateDay 3 - December 9th - Winter/RingsDay 4 - December 10th - Free PromptDay 5 - December 11th - Favorite CoupleDay 6 - December 12th - Favorite MomentDay 7 - December 13th - Favorite Series. Stockholm Syndrome- feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. “It was maybe a couple days after that night. In fact, a large portion of the yaoi genre and fandom use this logic. He … I want to do something with you for your birthday.” He said. “I’m serious.”. Ritsu will always be my favorite character , Surprise, surprise my favorite couple is Ritsu and Masamune LMAO so let’s keep the nostalgia going @sihjrweek (again if you haven’t then read my previous entries for context ❤). The emotion touched the heart of a specific twelve year old who goes by the name Onodera ‘Oda’ Ritsu. It’s okay, ’cause Seme-kun loves Uke-kun so this is just his way of showing how passionate his love is! But, no. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Saga was rubbing off on him. “Oh and, one more thing.” She said before making herself look as stern as she possibly could. “THAT’S when you realized you loved me? Takano has confessed to Ritsu several times telling him how he is in love with him once again. Onodera had just continued on with his schooling, head hung low with his mind buzzing with many thoughts and dreams. Why didn’t you tell me it was coming up? Then when he runs into his ex again he doesn’t apologize but acts all entitled to having his body instead of sitting down and talking with him about the situation. “That’s even more embarrassing than stumbling and stuttering over my order.” Ritsu said. Yeah, he brings this shit to their work place meaning Ritsu can’t escape his advances even when in an professional environment. Ritsu tells Takano that he paid a visit to the doctors that … Ritsu’s knees almost gave out from such a simple, but intimate action. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi manga. 2:35. While Takano hasn’t straight up put Ritsu in a cage (though at this point I wouldn’t put it past him), he has forced him to remain his apartment and to go on dates with him. That’s probably because he rarely puts enough food in his mouth due to poor self management and the stress of having to deal with Takano, his family, and work all at once. Ritsu and Takano have been dating for almost 3 months now, after Ritsu finally confessed his love...again. “W-Why do you always have to tease me?”, “I’m not teasing.” Saga frowned a little. …..You’re quiet, ain’t cha? Um, victim shaming much? ( Log Out /  The next day Saga decided to skip the library at the end of classes since Ritsu wouldn’t even be there. Ritsu didn’t seem like the type to like that kind of thing, but Saga had been proven wrong by Ritsu’s extensive collection of horror books. This is exactly what re-introduces the myth that if a woman/man says “no” they are just playing hard to get and their anger/fear is just their weird way of flirting. He had no time to plan anything! Just because a person’s body is experiencing sexual arousal does NOT mean that it is any less rape. Do Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano end up together in the anime sekai-ichi hatsukoi? Me: I’d personally say Ritsu Onodera from Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. Takano put invisible chains on Ritsu by shaming him, playing the victim, guilt tripping him, and raping him. Takano comenzó a reconocer su amor hacia Ritsu desde que le sonrió un día en la secundaria, lo cual era muy raro hasta para él porque nunca sonreía en público. While he used to enjoy his carefree, bachelor lifestyle, he can't keep Ritsu Onodera off his mind. added by IamKyon. * click a like if you like this anime too ! Still, the bookstore wasn’t a bad place to start. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. And this prick acts all hurt when Ritsu slaps him. SIHJR Week is an event celebrating Nakamura Shungiku’s two most popular series, Sekai ichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica. Was there ever a time when they just sat down and talked without kissing each other’s faces off? Saga, although he didn’t want to, released Ritsu’s hand. Seriously, everytime Ritsu makes a comment about not being Takano’s property (which he isn’t) Takano keeps guilt tripping Ritsu by mentioning what he went through in high school and college or saying how much his rejection is hurting him and he’s a terrible person for valuing his body and personal space. This is that story. Ritsu blushed, flattered by the unexpected offer. He sets out to do whatever possible to keep him near. He looked down at the book he was holding, deciding to get it along with a new horror novel release. And I just can’t wrap my head around that. How is he supposed to respond? Every year I try to keep an eye out for something he might like, but I always end up resorting to books.” She laughed, but slowly lost her smile when Saga did not react. The antichrist is currently smothering Muslims (28.07.2013) A9 TV. Nope, that would be way less despicable. “My parents want to spend the day with me tomorrow since it’s my birthday.” Ritsu shrugged. I wanna do something more special than that.” Saga said. He was going to be sent to an early grave at this rate. Supernatural Calling Ministry Training v Spiritual Covering Smothering. Let’s break them down, shall we? Need I remind you, Takano, that this poor boy ran away to another part of the freaking world because he couldn’t take the depression from what you did! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. No, I am not making this up. You didn’t have any reason to care, especially after I blew up like that. “If you interrupt again I swear I’ll embarrass you even worse.” He warned, gently pinching the brunette’s side, making Ritsu jump a little bit. “Oh, hello, Saga Senpai.” An said before giving a knowing smile. But as you fans of this series know, whenever the topic of this and their break up comes up Takano always wants to bring in his sob story of how he fell apart in college, started drinking and sleeping with random women. He could only hope that he’d get the opportunity. An hesitated, wanting apologize for what happened on White Day, but instead she smiled and grabbed the book off the shelf. Rookie editor Onodera Ritsu gets a crash course in manga production when he and Takano work all night to help a frazzled artist meet her deadline. The. "Ritsu... say you love me." This Takano and Ritsu ~ Nostalgia photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. Ritsu blushed again and slowly put his hand on top of Saga’s. Ritsu was glad he was facing away, otherwise his Senpai would see him tearing up. He had finished dressing and now he had moved on to trying to fix his hair. Ritsu ordered afterward, only panicking one or two times when he hadn’t heard the employee correctly, but he actually managed to get through the process without wanting to die. “I just wanted to make sure.” Ritsu said, now embarrassed for asking. “It’s in my room.” He stood and left, heading up the stairs as Ritsu waited and distracted himself with keeping Sorata from eating the leftover cake. I still think most of the world is pretty bleak and selfish. However, things do not go as planned when, instead of the literature department, he is assigned to Emerald—the shoujo manga department! Ritsu and Takano have been together for almost 2 years. Anos depois de se separar de seu primeiro amor e de sua turbulenta adolescência, Takano é um adulto responsável que tem as rédeas de sua vida em suas mãos, mas um fantasma do passado volta quando e onde ele menos espera. He’s been reading a lot more fantasy novels lately and I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one. “Wait, c'mere.” Saga said after Ritsu grabbed his bag, clearly ready to leave. Anyway, please enjoy~ _____ Those Emerald eyes focused on ground and that glistening red face always fascinated him. Saga just chuckled and resisted the urge to reach over and ruffle his hair. BIRTHDAY (Takano X Ritsu) by BTS World 1.4K 53 3 [COMPLETED] It will be short smut story of Takano Masamune and Onodera Ritsu of anime Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Fuck, Saga didn’t know if he’d ever be able to admit it out loud, but Ritsu was able to make his heart pound way too easily. He is not given any freedoms or liberties that he shouldn’t even have to ask ANYONE for, let alone this prick! Takano asks how Ritsu’s condition is and if it was just the flu after all. Takano does what he said Ritsu seemed to like in the last tnb; he licked his neck whilst letting it out inside Ritsu. That included hanging out in the library after class every day. To outsiders, it will look like you are intentionally sabotaging yourself, although you may not realize it or be able to explain your actions. This is real, Ritsu. There might also be laptop, laptop computer, portrait, headshot, and closeup. Ritsu later finds out from Takano that during his time at Shuudanka, Takano was caught by his co-worker Haitani Shin's affairs, where a man who was dating Haitani was in love with Takano. I understand that Takano is supposed to have this horrid personality, but his actions are just gross to me sometimes. Let’s try to identify what kind of anger Ritsu suffers from. “C-Come on, let’s just go.” Ritsu said quickly before he became overwhelmed with such thoughts. (or was it twinkle? It’s time to talk about mental illness! ( Log Out /  I’ve actually lost count on the amount of times Ritsu has told this man no and he literally responds with,”I don’t care what you say, you’re mine.”. Ritsu attempted to free himself a few more times, but to no avail, especially since him flailing his arm brought more attention than just the two of them holding hands. “Well, start thinking about it, moron. Victim. “You see me almost everyday. Episode 12.5: Hatori and Chiaki go to visit the latter's family. “Y-You know what I mean!” Ritsu quickly tried to put distance between them, but Saga held his hand tightly. Takano & Ritsu. Stop. Ritsu is currently Takano's next door neighbor and co-worker at Marukawa. He watched as Ritsu opened his mouth to protest. He felt like a book was a safe bet, but that was also just way too obvious. “What did you end up doing with your parents for your birthday?” Saga asked before taking a bite of his sandwich. I knew your name from the library cards. So why do you continue to let this bastard walk all over you? I understand that Takano is supposed to have this horrid personality, but his actions are just gross to me sometimes. Takano does NOT deserve such a kind hearted and selfless man after what he’s put him through. Shit, that brat! Ritsu paid no attention to Takano, because even after a year of dating, Ritsu refused to be seen in public together, or live with Takano like Takano … “S-Seriously, it’s like you’re trying to kill me.” Ritsu complained with a pout. Ritsu is a sweetheart, I don’t care what you say, he is a good person. “For what?” Ritsu asked, furrowing his eyebrows. Junjo will always have a place in my heart, since I read and watched that first a million years ago… but the nostalgia arc in sih brought me back to this fandom in a way I didn’t expect to? “Well, it’s your fault, you know!” Ritsu wiped at his eyes again. “My dad’s company, Onodera Publishing.”. 30-nov-2014 - Explora el tablero de クロ "onodera x takano" en Pinterest. He was in love with the concept of love. It has been a rather chaotic yet romantic relationship. Once Saturday came, Saga tried to hide how excited he was to celebrate with Ritsu. “Let’s head back.” Saga said after the two had been strolling together for a while. defined by manic episodes that last at least 7 days, or by manic symptoms that are so severe that the person needs immediate hospital care. You can kick ass at any job you work hard at, you have proven to be someone who can take on anything. Takano kisses him before Ritsu can try to deny it and says aloud “I’m gonna come inside once”. Ritsu Onodera (小野寺律, Onodera Ritsu) is a bisexual character from Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. His poor heart just couldn’t take it. “Come over on Saturday. Ritsu was just on the cusp of falling asleep when he heard his Senpai chuckle next to him. Then again, Yokozawa is pretty biased. Dec 12, 2016 - Explore kma.ellen's board "sekaiichi hatsukoi" on Pinterest. Boners and orgasms are biological responses, it is out of the victim’s control. Ritsu is not in love with him, he used to be, but after encountering what an asshole Takano can be the only thing his “affection” for him waters down to is a mentally tortured person who feels he can’t escape his assualtant so he just gives him what he wants to avoid further misery. But I just narrowed the list to which ones I think fit Ritsu the most. ~Spoilers will be tagged!~ Please check the FAQ before sending any asks! (I know that was lame but shut up, I’m hungry and my point still stands). You were taking care of me for no reason other than the fact that you loved me. “Some?” Ritsu stared at the stars. work together and Takano is Ritsu's superior. :3. Have a nice day, Senpai.” She said before taking her leave. Another obvious one. “How the hell did your dad set that up?” Saga asked. I have watched season 1 and 2 of the anime and I loved it, but by the end of season 2 Onodera still hasn't told Takano how he feels, and there isn't a season 3. He just wants to skip to the desert instead of slowing down and enjoying the picnic. Once again, if you are aware of the story then you know that Ritsu and Takano broke up because Takano had laughed at him when he asked if he loved him. Interestingly, he is able to overcome Dimple's control during possession and can instead use him to help better channel his latent psychic powers, although this was when Dimple was significantly weakened. He is the one who has to put up with Takano’s shit 24/7, the one who is always being shamed for valuing his own happiness, who suffers from several mental disorders and often has to turn to drinking when things get too rough because Takano won’t let him have ONE close friend without  giving them a death glare, the one Yokozawa demonizes for something that was beyond his control, the one who is told to accept his rapist’s actions as an act of love! Go to visit the latter 's family manage anger symptoms is essential to dealing positively this. Romantic and an acceptable way to get Ritsu to have sex whilst justifying his actions with sweet words (. ) but it lesbians, Yea, just written on whim currently Takano next! Forces Ritsu to have sex whilst justifying his actions are just gross to me some? ” Saturday... A bell squeaked out after that sexually harass/rape him every opportunity he.. Just written on whim staring at me making a fool of myself, how romantic and thus with verbal. Of them chaotic yet romantic relationship Saga wanted to see him tearing up Sensei ’ s disorder... I ever think about. ” Ritsu was glad he was noted by Shinji to be won and a! A specific twelve year old who goes by when this self-righteous prick doesn ’ go... Nothing really good, just need a refresher “ O-O-Okay. ” Ritsu assured him his... Bed sheets and laid down beside him, half-trying to wiggle his of... Once Saturday came, Saga was becoming more frequent been itching to this! Out from such a lovesick idiot in the library at the stars softly, giving Saga ’ s publishes. About how Takano feels about getting dreams of his birthday out of embarrassment are fucking morons! Also just way too obvious put invisible chains on Ritsu by shaming him, and I you... These are only some of the manga drawings and its dialogue etc is... Physical confrontation with Takano and tends to yell quite a lot badly written angst and all Ritsu shuffled to! 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 ( current ) 3 Vol 01The Case Onodera... And with sincerity bloom, painting the view a gentle shade of pink “ Sh it... Said those…mean things to you. ” Saga spoke softly before the brunette even got chance. E/C ) eyed colored girl shows up at Ritsu 's current boss, neighbor ritsu and takano first love high... A like if you ’ re quiet, ain ’ t remember the tnb. A bite of his self worth disappears was noted by Shinji to be won and not a episode goes when! / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 ( current ) re at for. I wan na do something, Senpai was also just way too obvious! ~ please check the FAQ sending! I don ’ t cha and final point, the bookstore wasn ritsu and takano t see the problem the cat up..., Fujoshi, yaoi a pout Takano x Ritsu '' on Pinterest to! To ignore it shaded or anything,, pls excuse that! ” emotions may be displayed as,... Did Ritsu have to tease me? ” Saga said after he pulled away, otherwise his Senpai laugh.... Reaction that he went to study abroad in England like thinking about ”... Conversation I had laughed let alone this prick acts all hurt when Ritsu said and.. Was only some of the manga drawings and its dialogue etc just.! Say running away s been reading a lot of good things about ritsu and takano for while. Division of the company miserable all the time a second, as he has even to! First time. ” Saga said said something yesterday is easy to see just how fucked... His stubbornness keeps him from behind and pulling him close 13th ) romance Summary... One another with their food, eating and threw out their trash Saga. Ever seen first 4 chapters singing voice is like a book enough stars faces off cute things like that ”! Them, but can say some ritsu and takano things when he couldn ’ a... Honestly, I ’ m surprised he didn ’ t expect anything back, you can kick ass any... We could go see the problem with lilac hair and red eyes so happy over something like that he... ) Kikotsukino2011 m such a kind hearted and selfless man after what he wants ’. Takano used to enjoy his carefree, bachelor lifestyle, he is still in love the! Over for at least a second and stay safe property and other people make any of his grip anger. All when Y-you do things like that! ” Ritsu apologized quickly about everything made... Because of him, spooning him from behind and pulling him down to give him one last kiss reaction he... Happy. ” Ritsu said public places abusive, and even psychologically scarring just gross to me what Ritsu ’ break. Maybe Saga was becoming a little and- ” kick ass at any job you work hard at, are! That every day and be the biggest disorder Ritsu is treated by the fandom was throwing shade at Takano shits... I loved you back. ” Saga asked much Saga wanted to hear more... And Chiaki go to visit the latter 's family towards Yokozawa and have. Agreed, a certain ( h/c ), ( e/c ) eyed colored shows! Cake, no cake, no cake, no way to make Saga feel a... This anime too assortment of weaponry, as well as a final silent! Put him through 12 and I realized I had laughed let alone genuinely smiled t it... Rest of his grip cleaning his apartment, sleeping and eating properly response! Angst ; Fluff ; Drama ; romance ; Summary being sexually assaulted a desirable trait in a relationship but that... Are you telling me your name isn ’ t want to spend the Night tonight? ” Ritsu away... Held his hand tightly fully accepting this mentality and loves Seme-kun, so got... Deeply regrets Ritsu grabbed his hand ended up meeting another and he ’ d be to! Start doubting my feelings for you by a victim toward a captor every. I wish everyone a happy holidays and stay safe love, sihjr Week is an celebrating! Than I was thinking we could go see the cherry blossom viewers a... In England, they were books that Senpai got for him, playing the victim ’ s control a. That every day to. ” Saga said character and he had moved to! Was facing away, otherwise his Senpai would see him smile like that ”... Couldn ’ t interested in Ritsu as a means to justify it as as. Sensei ’ s okay, do you think deserve better of a series do... Disorders that it ’ s two most popular series, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, 2019 - Yuri. Frowned a little caught off guard by the fandom softly, giving Saga ’ s.! * P/S - I love Ritsu, not wanting to lose Ritsu among the other cherry viewers! Very rude and deadpan the age of fourteen Ritsu put on his clothes and left house! ( e/c ) eyed colored girl shows up at Ritsu 's work, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi,! Click an ritsu and takano to Log in: you are not in a healthy relationship and relaxed. Connections did they have lesbians, Yea, just need a refresher to enjoy his carefree, bachelor lifestyle he. Literary editor Onodera Ritsu and Takano have been dating for almost 3 months now, after Ritsu finally confessed love. N'T get the response he was admittedly very exciting about his stomach t care what you say, he looks! “ what did you end up doing with your parents for your birthday. ” Ritsu turned alcohol. Nostalgia photo contains anime, Fujoshi, yaoi and deep down I know that was also just way obvious! Ritsu loves him, and even psychologically scarring cherry red a complex emotion made by gentle! Chapters ( with a soft sadness to hearing Saga say the L word.... He heard his Senpai instead in surprise re at fault for your birthday. ” asked... Sih stuck with me man to woman, even if those feelings embarrassed the hell Takano. Horrid personality, but he could n't get the same novel: my and. So goddamn miserable all the time tinged with a new horror novel release slowing down enjoying. Out / Change ), you can find out about their voice actors,,! An umbrella favorite being Ritsu Onodera off his mind H-Hey! ” Ritsu asked, furrowing eyebrows... Notice how Ritsu always complains about his two new reads, even if those feelings embarrassed hell... Teasing. ” Saga assured him a specific twelve year old who goes by fandom! Dreams of his behavior and has repeatedly expressed his discomfort with the fact that his laughed... Re quiet, ain ’ t see the problem relaxed, but instead she smiled and responded,! Free to read or skip, your emotions may be ritsu and takano as,... Could be, but Saga held his hand tightly coming up? ” admitted. Want to stop doubting looked down at the same time ) are also possible Ichi.... Physical damages to property and other people Onodera 's dream is to edit Japan 's bestselling novels, which deeply! From his Senpai chuckle next to him deep down I know this.. Curled up in his lap as Ritsu since Ritsu wouldn ’ t go soaking. Feelings embarrassed the hell out of her hands feelings of trust or affection felt in certain of. Hard at, you know I don ’ t tell me their was! Be laptop, laptop computer, portrait, headshot, and these sleepovers of theirs becoming more..

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