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Lake Havasu Fishing Reports for Striper, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Panfish, and Carp
Lake Havasu Fishing
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Home of the world famous London Bridge, Lake Havasu is a popular year round freshwater fishing destination. Located along the Arizona - California borders, Lake Havasu is 45 miles long with an average lake depth of 30 feet. Whether you're fishing from the shore or a boat, Lake Havasu offers great fishing to both type of anglers. Lake Havasu shore fisherman can take advantage of the many free public access fishing docks including: Site Six, Havasu Springs, Take-Off Point, and Mesquite Cove while boaters can take advantage of free boat launch locations. Lake Havasu offers anglers the choice of fishing for:

Striper Fishing Lake havasuStriper or Striped Bass

Striped Bass can be caught on the surface with topwater lures or at the bottom with cut baits or jigs. Look for flocks of birds feeding on the surface and striper are usually under the birds feeding on shad. Otherwise, find a good point and toss out an anchovy while chumming a few also.

Hot Spots: Site Six, Havasu Springs, Winsor Basin, Main Channel

Hot Lures & Baits: Topwater Lures, Shad Imitations, Anchovies, Chicken Liver

Largemouth Bass Fishing Lake HavasuLargemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass can be caught all over the lake with topwater lures in the morning and evenings and drop-shotting plastics in the day. Look for any type of structure that might be holding fish. Fish a medium action rod with 6-8 lb. test.

Hot Spots: Main lake points, submerged brush or weed beds, boat docks

Hot Lures: Shad imitations, Soft Plastics, Crankbaits, Swimbaits, Jigs

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lake HavasuSmallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass can be caught fishing rocky points and shorelines using white jigs, crankbaits, plastics or live shad. Lake Havasu has a good population of smallmouth bass that are very healthy. Start out fishing rocky points and shorelines with lipless crankbaits and small jigs. Later in the morning when the fish move deeper try drop-shtting or split-shotting plastics.

Hot Spots: Parker Strip, Rocky Points, Canyon Areas

Hot Lures: Jigs, Shad imitations, Lipless Crankbaits, Plastics, Crappie jigs

Catfish Fishing Lake HavasuCatfish (Channel, Flathead)

Catfish can be caught all over the lake by dropping down cut-baits or nightcrawlers. Catfish can be caught anytime of day but fishing is more productive if done at night.

Hot Spots: Parker Dam, Bill Williams River Arm, Coves, Main Channel

Hot Baits: Anchovies, Stink Bait, and Nightcrawlers

Panfish Fishing Lake HavasuPanfish (Crappie, Sunfish, Bluegill)

Panfish can be caught all over the lake in the shallows and around the docks. Try using a bobber with an 18 inch leader and a small hook with mealworm or piece of nightcrawler. Fishing crappie jigs close to boat docks is also very productive.

Hot Spots: Docks, Reeds, Rocky Areas, Cattails, Structure, Shallows.

Hot Baits: Mealworms, Nightcrawlers, Crappie Jigs, small trout spinning lures.